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Thought I’d give you a brief update on Lucy’s progress. She is doing great! She sits, shakes, lays down and rolls over. At 14 weeks, we think she might be gifted! Lucy brings much fun and excitement to our house. She now Weighs 26 pounds and is growing quickly. She goes up the stairs in our 2 story house but will not come down them. She barks at us until we go fetch her and carry her down the stairs. She is training us real well!

I own a dance studio so thought it only appropriate to dress Lucy up in a tutu for Halloween. She is so much fun and we are spoiling her rotten. I attached a couple pictures that I thought you might enjoy.

She has been to a few social outings. Michael, our son, plays rugby for St. Johns in Collegeville, MN. It’s common to bring your dog to the games. Lucy has been to a few games to watch Michael play all over the state.  Michaels nick name on the rugby team is “Soda Pop” . Lucy’s nickname is “Soda Pup”.  The big burly boys on the rugby team play with her and she gets a lot of attention, which she loves.  

Lucy brightens every single day and we can’t imagine not having her.  You can’t be in a bad mood with a puppy around.

Thank you so much. We are so grateful to have Lucy in our lives.

Vicki Nilisu

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Olsen Family
Cami is a great dog- fun and loving and very smart!  And she loves to swim!
Hope all is well with you and yours.
Rachel and Jim Bzoskie

Bzoskie Family
Dave  and Denise and The Duke
**********Another update at a later time***********

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Happy Holidays Bryce and Gina,

Lilly Lou Juniper JujuBelle Swintak Waite  (DOB 12/22/16: the pink one from her litter) just turned one and we wanted to share some of the highlights of her first year with you.  She is a wonderful, sweet, loving, energetic, adventurous, fearless, loving, loving, loving dog!  Her big sister Strudel is her best friend and biggest hero, and she’s never met a day- or a person- that she didn’t  greet with a full body tail wag! She’s not tall, but she’s a very solid, muscular 56 pounds (outweighing her sister …).  She’s a good traveler and has been on many road trips.  We can’t imagine/don’t want to imagine life without her!  

Please thank Gloria and Lightning for sharing their daughter with us- let them know that we think Lilly is PERFECT!
We wish you and your family all the best for 2018!

Cosima, Charlie, Strudel and Lilly Swintak-Waite

Swintak- Waite Family

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