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Welcome Home Labs~  Reviews and Testimonials

Here are a few of the responses that we receive from our “extended family”.  We enjoy staying in touch with all of you.  We are continually getting updates from families-  we LOVE that- thank you!  I am REALLY HOPING to add testimonials regularly.  I am just trying to find a way that would work easily.  We get several everyday and it certainly makes our days even brighter.  Let me know if you have an idea for me to post these easily.  My focus is dogs and people so the website is not my expertise. 

We welcome you to continue to send in photos and an update of your Lab or share about your experience with us then I will do my best to post it right away.    If you want to be sure that it is posted then just say in your email…please, post this in testimonials.  That will motivate me to get it up because I don’t want to disappoint you and I am so happy to share these Labs with others. 

Families also leave testimonies and updates on Facebook where they can post directly to Welcome Home Labs Facebook.  Be sure to look under ‘comments’ of the FB posts.  Enjoy!

Thank you, thank you for allowing us to be a part of you welcoming home your new family member.
We truly consider it a privilege!

Hello, hello! 
I’ve been meaning to send an update on our girl! I’m sure you can tell from social media, but we absolutely adore her. Brie has been the best addition to our little family. 
Couple of things we wanted to share: 
– Easiest puppy to house train I’ve ever had. She had hardly any accidents, and learned so quickly. Within a week of bringing her home it just clicked. 

– She loves to train and learn new commands. Michael is always teaching her new tricks. She knows sit, down, crate, stay, come, shake, roll, recalls to her name, walks next to us without pulling on or off leash (without distractions 😉 ), waits for the “okay” to eat food or her treats when right in front of her, etc etc etc. Such a smart girl!

– LOVES water. The first time we took her to a lake – she raced in and started galloping through the water and swimming before either of us had  time to wade in. 

– LOVES people so much. Her biggest hurdle is staying calm when greeting/excited peeing, but she’s the happiest lab puppy so most people we meet/greet don’t mind 🙂 
– We get compliments on her look/color and her happy/excited demeanor all the time!!! So many people recognize her in our apartment complex. It’s so sweet. 

I just wanted to take a minute to share and thank you again! She was the cutest puppy in the world, but this stage she’s in now is our favorite yet. No more puppy biting (haha) and just very loyal and excited to hang out with us all the time.

Some recent photos attached. Thank you again!!

Happy Easter!! Just wanted to say hello and send some pictures of Koda. He is still doing amazing! Loves his daily hikes. Now has found the pool! Ha ha ha and loves it. Hope all is well in Minnesota. I will call you soon to set something up for late summer see what you have available. Have a blessed Easter!

The Andersons

Good morning Bryce and Gina,

I want to let you know how the chocolate chunk has been doing and send an updated picture! He hasn’t had an accident in the house for a week and is starting to walk great on his leash… He just tries to eat everything in sight! His crate training couldn’t have gone any better, he loves going in there to sleep. Moose is also excellent at sitting on command. Some of my favorite things about him is he loves belly rubs, sleeping right on anyone’s feet when we are sitting on the couch, and after we go on walks he likes to do hot laps around the house, it’s hilarious. We brought him to my sisters softball tournament and he was more of a fan favorite than any of the players… Everyone kept saying what a beautiful dog he is, I thought you’d like to know that! 🙂 His health is great and we see the vet again next week!

Hope all is well with you and your family!

Emily T.
Mulan X Leaguer puppy

Hello to everyone!

I am writing to update you on my Grace! The children could not remember Cherish so we went with GRACE because it was the grace of God that I found WELCOME HOME LABS. We had our 12 week check up weighing 22lbs. we had our shots, worming, started heartworm. Dr Dobbins was so tickled with Grace all the techs. came to see her and told me I could not have found a more perfect Labrador. I told him of your honesty your other four legged kids and of course the two legged children who started these puppies just right. I told him of the card every body signed, puppy packet and the wonderful pictures. Grace is not only funny but so smart she is definitely a bird dog. Already she and I are so attached that when I work overnight Sat., Sun. ,and Monday she can’t wait for me to get home. So you are being recommended to everyone and again I can not thank you enough!!!!!!

Grace and Michele in Parker, Colorado.
Cali X Stanley puppy

The Duke of Sutherland, Carl William continues to grow and be a good boy. The toilet thing is pretty sure, the kennel is a comfortable place, meeting people making friends, retrieving, farming, traveling, all good. He is discovering some of his speed, throws balls into the air and even catches them sometimes. An independent game of catch! Likes wading in the Lake, boat rides. We enjoy him. Thank you for his awesome foundation!

The Duke continues to amuse us, charm us. For example, on Sunday he learned how to descend the stairs. He got to the bottom amid praise and excitement for his problem solving efforts. He had a flash go across his face and he raced back up the stairs so he could descend again and receive heaps of praise. Funny boy. Last evening he stalked his toy, creeping up until the last few feet when he bounded and pounced on the toy. Again and again. This morning I found him stalking me…. Bold eye, intent on his prey. Sure enough the last few steps he bounded and pounced. Of course all this in adorably clumsy puppy fashion. He is a good boy. He is good, after reminders, about chewing our hands. Good in the house. Playful, yet calm.

I don’t Let him on the furniture…..usually-

He is growing up to be a well behaved handsome boy.

Dave and Denise
Puppy "Duke

Hi and Happy Holidays,

I wanted to send you a note to share with you how much we love Deuce. He is a great dog with a lot of personality. He is a wateraholic. We have to make sure the bathroom door is latched otherwise he will be in the shower with you. When you fill up the bathtub for his bath he comes a running and voluntarily jumps in. I have a water garden in the back yard and I can’t keep him out of it. He has his own personal towel hanging by the back door. He gets to come to the office with me every now and again and he has received lots of praises. Everyone is always amazed at how well behaved he is as a puppy; and it wasn’t due to my training. It clearly is his breeding. One of his favorite activities at night is to join me on the lazyboy. He lays on his back and gets his belly rubbed. We just got a dumping of snow and attached are a few picture of him in the snow. I took them through the window; so not the clearest. 🙁

Enjoy the photos and thanks for having a great breeding program.

Carolyn Robb

Must be the fact that he’s from Minnesota!

Loves to hang out in Ryan’s hockey bag!

I suspect there are some special smells in there!

The Griffin family from Boston
Nina X Thunder puppy

Hi Gina and Bryce,

I just wanted to check in with you to let you know how Waggs is doing. He has been with us for 6 weeks now and he is doing great. From 2 months to 3 months he has doubled his weight and is growing overnight. He is just over 30 lbs. now. He is such a good dog and we are truly blessed to have him. During this short time he has been crate trained, potty trained, can sit on a hand command and we are now in the process of leash training. He is a fast learner. We took him with us to see our son at college in Iowa and he was super good. No accidents in the hotel and he just hung out with us all day. The person he gets the most excited about is grandma; it is so funny to watch him light up when she comes over to see him. Needless to say, he does get spoiled with lots of toys. He is so handsome with his strong features and shining coat. He truly is a quality breed.

Thanks for all you have done for us; the entire process of first inquiring about a puppy to the pick-up day and the follow ups afterwards has been great. I will definitely send anyone looking for a top quality English lab from a professional breeder your way.

Mike and Tammy
Coon Rapids, MN

Dear Bryce, Gina, and Family,

I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know how much we love our puppy. Bruno is growing so quickly and learning so many new things. Our vet thinks that he is going to be a really big boy. She also thinks that he is very healthy, very sweet, and perfect in every way! She is a “lab person” herself, and has been thinking about getting another puppy. She was extremely interested in Welcome Home Labs because Bruno is such a wonderful puppy. Don’t be surprised to get an inquiry from Dr. Westgard!

Bruno has been going on all kinds of adventures in the Twin Cities. We take daily walks on the Rice Creek Trail, although, Bruno often tires in the middle of the trail and wants to be carried back home! That’s ok! We all take turns carrying him when he is too tired to walk. He plays with his buddy “Cooper”, an English Springer Spaniel several times each week. Bruno has been to several “Dog Friendly” restaurants, but especially likes the Wilde Roast in Minneapolis. I think that is because he gets to meet Lindsay and Chance there! He is a very good patron and everyone has to stop and pet him or give him treats! Going to Mark and Brock’s softball games is really a fun outing! Bruno gets to see Cooper, play with the kids, chase balls, and cheer for “Dad” when he bats! Last week, Grandma and Grandpa came from Illinois to visit. We were a little worried about a puppy with so much energy around Grandpa. He is 86 years old, but loves puppies. Bruno was awesome with him. He was gentle and paid more attention to Grandpa than anyone else! It made Grandpa’s visit extra special! Kendall will soon be moving into her own apartment and getting a kitten. We are excited for Bruno and the kitten to become friends.

Our family cannot thank you enough for making this relationship possible. From the day Kerry and Brock contacted you, you have demonstrated to us the true quality of your breeding facility, as well as your kindness and caring as people. Having lost a dog recently, we were not sure that we were ready to begin a new relationship. You understood that, and helped us make that decision in a kind and caring manner. We are so grateful that we decided to get a puppy and even more grateful that he came from you. It is so reassuring to know that you are available as a wonderful resource to us throughout the many stages that Bruno will go through, and also, that you just want to know how he is doing in his new home. I brag about Welcome Home Labs to everyone, and would highly recommend you as a breeder to anyone. Please feel free to use any part of this email in any way. Also, if anyone would ever like to contact me personally, I would be happy to speak with them about the wonderful experience we had and continue to have with Welcome Home Labs.


Mary, Mark, Kendall, Kerry,
Puppy "Bruno"

Bryce, Gina and Family;

Rufus wanted to wish you Happy Easter and to let you know he was neutered March 1st and is doing well.

Rufus loves our other male yellow lab Dillon very much, they are truly buddies.

Rufus is very smart, sneaky, strong and fast but most of all he loves Justin and is usually right by Justin’s side.

He loves riding in Justin’s truck and helping with yard work.

The three dogs have not been able to swim in the river all winter, so yesterday they wouldn’t take no for a command and all three took their first swim for 2013.

Forgot to add Rufus received the highest rating for his hips when x-rayed, the vet was very impressed.

Hope all is well at your home,

Rufus and Family
Rufus and Family

Hi Bryce, Gina and Family,

We can’t tell you how blessed we feel that we came across WELCOME HOME LABS webpage when we did. From the start you all were very caring and informative. You have prepared us well for our long journey ahead with our baby boy Oakley (A.K.A Tucker). I want to thank you for always being there to answer all my questions and the pictures you would send our way, it always brought a smile to my face.

It has been 3 days since my children A.J, Joshua, Rachael and Ryan thought they were going 5 hours away to the airport to pick up there “cousins” when in reality they were going for there surprise package (Oakley). It was worth a million to see there reactions and smiles, Oakley greeted them all happy and with so much love. On our drive back we actually were afraid we left him in San Antonio lol not once did he make a sound. As soon as we got home he walked around like if he’d always lived here. He gives us so much love that its so easy to give it back. He only has had 2 accidents since arriving both our faults, and he has slept through out the whole night after the first day. The first day he just woke us up twice to go potty but went back to sleep.

At the vet he got checked and they said he was perfect and amazing. They were so in love with him. Its so easy because he’s just so loveable and all thanks to you all, for showing him so much love. The vet said he was so well taken care of and it showed, we did credit it all to welcome home labs. Today he started his obedience training lessons at home and the trainer was amazed to see such a well tempered labrador. She said that when people call her and tell her the breed she comes prepared especially when someone says “Labrador”. She was actually speechless as she saw how well he obeyed commands already. She said we had a “little genius”. Our trainer has no doubt that he is on his way to receiving the “canine good-citizen certificate” in no time, thanks to the start you all gave him and we couldn’t agree with her more. So thank you again for giving us our newest family addition and we only hope we can give him as much love as you have given him and that he deserves. We will keep in touch.

Thank you, 

Angel, Jolyn, A.J, Joshua, Rachael, Ryan
Puppy "Oakley"

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