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At Welcome Home Labs we raise yellow, chocolate and black ENGLISH LABRADOR RETRIEVERS with quality champion lineage for family companions, service dogs, therapy dogs, hunt companions, competition and working Labs.

Our focus is on health, temperament and raising our Labs with quality care in a family environment.

Welcome Home Labs Welcomes You!

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Lab Breeder in Iowa

Welcome Home Labs offers champion bred Labrador Retrievers.

We are located in the beautiful country side west of Washington, Iowa (Southeast Iowa).  We are approximately 45 miles south of Cedar Rapids, IA.

It is our passion and privilege to provide quality champion bred English Lab puppies to individuals and families.

The English Lab is known to be gentle, intelligent, willing, quick to learn, athletic, therapeutic, great with kids and has the focus and trainability to be an excellent hunt companion or service dog.

The English Lab has a stocky, blocky build for a stunningly gorgeous, moderately sized dog coupled with a loving family temperament.

The puppies are born in our home. Raising pups in our home allows us to monitor their health and growth closely and we are also able to enjoy the precious peeps and movements from the first moments of life.

We believe that the social and emotional development is important during the English Labs first days and weeks so we start them out with love, family care, daily handling and socialization.

As they grow we expose them to a variety of experiences so they can become well adjusted adult family companions.

We strive to provide hard working families high quality Labradors at a fair price.

In addition to the care and socialization provided we perform health clearances on our adults to ensure healthy genetics for our puppies.

These tests include

  • OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) x-rays for hips and elbows with a rating of GOOD or EXCELLENT and
  • OFA for heart, CERF/CAER for eyes by an ophthalmologist, Optigen(prcd-PRA), CNM (centro nuclear myopathy), EIC (exercise induced collapse), RD/OSD (retinal dysplasia/oculo skeletal dysplasia) and cardiac testing.

We operate with honesty and integrity.

Chocolate Labs

Best friends for life

Black Labs

Your faithful companion

Yellow / Ivory Labs

Always by your side

Our Commitment to Excellence

It’s our goal to uphold the breed standard for the English Lab and to maintain a healthy, safe and loving environment for our Labs to thrive physically, socially and emotionally.

We are licensed by the State of Iowa. License No. 12272

Good morning Bryce and Gina,

I want to let you know how the chocolate chunk has been doing and send an updated picture! He hasn’t had an accident in the house for a week and is starting to walk great on his leash… He just tries to eat everything in sight! His crate training couldn’t have gone any better, he loves going in there to sleep. Moose is also excellent at sitting on command. Some of my favorite things about him is he loves belly rubs, sleeping right on anyone’s feet when we are sitting on the couch, and after we go on walks he likes to do hot laps around the house, it’s hilarious. We brought him to my sisters softball tournament and he was more of a fan favorite than any of the players… Everyone kept saying what a beautiful dog he is, I thought you’d like to know that! 🙂 His health is great and we see the vet again next week!

Hope all is well with you and your family!

Emily T.
Mulan X Leaguer puppy

Hi Bryce, Gina and Family,

We can’t tell you how blessed we feel that we came across WELCOME HOME LABS webpage when we did. From the start you all were very caring and informative. You have prepared us well for our long journey ahead with our baby boy Oakley (A.K.A Tucker). I want to thank you for always being there to answer all my questions and the pictures you would send our way, it always brought a smile to my face.

It has been 3 days since my children A.J, Joshua, Rachael and Ryan thought they were going 5 hours away to the airport to pick up there “cousins” when in reality they were going for there surprise package (Oakley). It was worth a million to see there reactions and smiles, Oakley greeted them all happy and with so much love. On our drive back we actually were afraid we left him in San Antonio lol not once did he make a sound. As soon as we got home he walked around like if he’d always lived here. He gives us so much love that its so easy to give it back. He only has had 2 accidents since arriving both our faults, and he has slept through out the whole night after the first day. The first day he just woke us up twice to go potty but went back to sleep.

At the vet he got checked and they said he was perfect and amazing. They were so in love with him. Its so easy because he’s just so loveable and all thanks to you all, for showing him so much love. The vet said he was so well taken care of and it showed, we did credit it all to welcome home labs. Today he started his obedience training lessons at home and the trainer was amazed to see such a well tempered labrador. She said that when people call her and tell her the breed she comes prepared especially when someone says “Labrador”. She was actually speechless as she saw how well he obeyed commands already. She said we had a “little genius”. Our trainer has no doubt that he is on his way to receiving the “canine good-citizen certificate” in no time, thanks to the start you all gave him and we couldn’t agree with her more. So thank you again for giving us our newest family addition and we only hope we can give him as much love as you have given him and that he deserves. We will keep in touch.

Thank you, 

Angel, Jolyn, A.J, Joshua, Rachael, Ryan
Puppy "Oakley"

Bryce, Gina and family,

I know I have said it many times overt the past few months but I have to say it again, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! This is a dream come true.

I have always loved labs. Ever since I was little and would go play with my uncle’s dog Nugget. I have done my research on the breed and I knew what I wanted. Welcome Home Labs has fulfilled that and then some. From the first day, it has been a pleasure getting to know you. You took the time to match me with a puppy that would fit with what I was looking for. You didn’t force a puppy on me. You gave me an option.

I promise to take good care of Monroe. She is already loved. I know she will be an awesome addition to my family.

She will have a big fall with a few planned hunting trips for grouse at the shack, then Iowa for a pheasant hunt, and ending the fall with a duck hunt. I promise not to overwork/overt exercise her. These will be short trips, just to get her started.

Aside from hunting, she is going to join Karney in being a family pet. I have a feeling my bed is going to get very crowded this year. I will send pictures to update you on her progress.

I would recommend your kennel to anyone looking for a good experience and a beautiful Lab.

Please, enjoy these cookies. They aren’t much but they are the best I can do to try to show my gratitude. A big thank you to your kids for loving on my little girl.

I will let you know when we get back to International Falls.

Heidi V.
Brook X George puppy

Must be the fact that he’s from Minnesota!

Loves to hang out in Ryan’s hockey bag!

I suspect there are some special smells in there!

The Griffin family from Boston
Nina X Thunder puppy

Call 319-214-0776 or email [email protected] for details.