Updated 05/31/2023

Every good story must come to an end…or does it?




Welcome Home Labs Volume 2

The legacy continues!


We are currently mentoring a new family to continue the legacy of Welcome Home Labs!

The Welcome Home Labs standards and the ethics in breeding along with the love and care for the dogs and puppies will continue.  A wonderful family of six will be taking over Welcome Home Labs in the months ahead.  Bryce and Gina are behind this new Welcome Home Labs family 100%! We encourage you to continue to be returning families to Welcome Home Labs as Kyle and Shannon continue with their passion in raising quality English labradors with their family.  Bryce and Gina will work closely with Kyle and Shannon in the days ahead so this is a team endeavor.  There will be more information following soon so check back regularly.

Thank you to the many families that have welcomed Welcome Home Labs puppies over the years. It has truly been our privilege to get to know so many wonderful people from across the country and to  be a part in so many people welcoming four-legged family members!

Thank you and we hope that you all continue to enjoy snuggles, boat rides, long walks, and games of fetch with your labs as you are daily welcomed home by your tail wagging, body wagging loving lab.

A reservation list for the first litters of Volume 2 puppies will begin soon. 

Watch for announcements.

Coming soon…FALL/WINTER PUPPIES 2023!






Email [email protected] for pictures and information.



Email [email protected] for information.


Lab Breeder in Minnesota

Welcome Home Labs offers champion bred Labrador Retrievers.

We are approximately 100 miles north of the Twin Cities- St. Paul/ Minneapolis, Minnesota area and 40 miles south of Duluth, Minnesota. It is our passion and privilege to provide quality champion bred English Lab puppies to individuals and families.

The English Lab is known to be gentle, intelligent, willing, quick to learn, athletic, therapeutic, great with kids and has the focus and trainability to be an excellent hunt companion or service dog. The English Lab has a stocky, blocky build for a stunningly gorgeous, moderately sized dog coupled with a loving family temperament.

The puppies are born in our home. Raising pups in our home allows us to monitor their health and growth closely and we are also able to enjoy the precious peeps and movements from the first moments of life. We believe that the social and emotional development is important during the English Labs first days and weeks so we start them out with love, family care, daily handling and socialization. As they grow we expose them to a variety of experiences so they can become well adjusted adult family companions.

We strive to provide hard working families high quality Labradors at a fair price. In addition to the care and socialization provided we perform health clearances on our adults to ensure healthy genetics for our puppies. These tests include OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) x-rays for hips and elbows with a rating of GOOD or EXCELLENT and OFA for heart, CERF/CAER for eyes by an ophthalmologist, Optigen(prcd-PRA), CNM (centro nuclear myopathy), EIC (exercise induced collapse), RD/OSD (retinal dysplasia/oculo skeletal dysplasia) and cardiac testing.

We operate with honesty and integrity.

Minnesoate Board of Animal Health Member

Minnesota Licensed Commercial Breeder

National Labrador Retiever Club Member

Member of the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals

Member of the American Kennel Club

Happy Holidays Bryce and Gina,

Lilly Lou Juniper JujuBelle Swintak Waite  (DOB 12/22/16: the pink one from her litter) just turned one and we wanted to share some of the highlights of her first year with you.  She is a wonderful, sweet, loving, energetic, adventurous, fearless, loving, loving, loving dog!  Her big sister Strudel is her best friend and biggest hero, and she’s never met a day- or a person- that she didn’t  greet with a full body tail wag! She’s not tall, but she’s a very solid, muscular 56 pounds (outweighing her sister …).  She’s a good traveler and has been on many road trips.  We can’t imagine/don’t want to imagine life without her!  

Please thank Gloria and Lightning for sharing their daughter with us- let them know that we think Lilly is PERFECT!
We wish you and your family all the best for 2018!
Cosima, Charlie, Strudel and Lilly Swintak-Waite


Swintak- Waite Family

Bronson Family

Hamilton Family

Rutherford Family

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