We have a banner in our home that says…


What is home to you? Home can be a feeling or an experience…not just a place.

A dog that is awaiting your arrival, a friend that is eager to cuddle and listen,
a companion that is ready to retrieve and a buddy that is just glad you are home is what a fantastic Labrador can offer.

So, wherever you are, whatever your mood…
a Lab can welcome you home each time you greet one another in your hearts.

Please, contact us if we can help you in your decision to bring a pup into your HOME and HEART.

A bit about our Family of People and Pets

Our family has a lot of love to share.

We have 10 children. We live in the country on 40 acres in Minnesota… warm water-filled summers, colorful fall, winter wonderland (sometimes too cold for my liking but the Labs like it) and freshness of hope when the world springs with life.

I, Gina, am home with children and our four-legged family each day. I am a professional juggler. I have more “hats” than I can count. Have you ever heard of The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins by Dr. Seuss? Well, that is me. Sometimes my days are rather routine and sometimes I am amazed at the varied demands of the day…what hat is going to be next?

I have a jar on my desk that has Labs on it and it has a cute saying…”We may not have it all together, but together we have it all.” We welcome all of our extended “doggie family” (that is YOU) to come into our pack anytime. You are always welcome as long as you take us as we are…fullness and all.

Bryce probably has even more hats than I do. He spends much of his day caring for the dogs and puppies. There are basic chores like feeding and cleaning up to vet needs like vaccinations and constructing play areas…doing whatever he can to make it nice for the dogs.

He is very dedicated to care for each of our adults and puppies. He pours his heart into each one. It is beautiful to see how he cares for each individual puppy. He doesn’t only pay attention to their physical needs but he will cuddle them, get down on the grass and play with them, he talks to them like they are all his best friends…(I think they are)…and it is awesome to see.

All of the hands here in our home love up the puppies but if you have Bryce caring for your puppy as well…YOU WILL HAVE THE BEST CARE POSSIBLE FOR YOUR NEW BUDDY! You can also find Bryce on the phone since he generally is the primary communicator for the families that welcome puppies from us. He will do all he can to get all of your questions answered in a timely manner. We want to be available for you.

We enjoy camping, skiing, snowboarding, fishing, board games, hiking, coloring and swimming. We love to share many of these activities with our Labs. Our entire family has participated in 4-H dog training classes together.

The children become equipped with methods of training and the confidence builds as the love and respect grows all around. I don’t know who enjoys this time together more…the pups or the people.

We are so impressed with the dispositions, looks, and abilities of Labs. We have had the privilege of raising quality Chocolate, Black and Yellow Labs in our home. We average about 10 litters per year so we provide top-notch care for each puppy. Pups are whelped and raised in our home for the first few weeks and do not lack any attention to be assured! The many hands make sure that our pups have the most loving start and solid foundation they could have.

Our Labs come from the “English” Style Labrador or “show” Style. These Labs are known for being calm family companions, show dogs, plus they do well retrieving. “English” have heavier bone, are shorter in height with “blocky” features and the thick “otter” tail. There is also the “American” Style Labrador or “field” Style line which are taller, longer in body and head and are known to have higher energy. All of our Labs are FULL ENGLISH STYLE . We strive to follow AKC guidelines for the Labrador standards and provide the BEST versatile family companion so we carefully plan our litters.

It is extremely important to us to match the right people to the right pup. We take care to do this by considering lifestyle and personality needs, asking questions and learning all we can about our pups and the potential adoptive families. Our care and commitment remains when the pup goes home. We provide information to help in the transition time, tips for training, and an open link for forever contact with us…we will be available for you if you have puppy questions or needs as the years go by.

We have enjoyed the excitement, friendship, loyalty, reward and cuddle time that we have shared with our Labs. Even when days don’t go quite as picturesque as we may want we can say that when we see our Labs they bring smiles to our faces. A skinned up knee can be healed instantly, a rejected sister has a friend that wipes the worries away and mom can always receive love and obedience with no talking back.

Labrador Retrievers…
Companions, hunting buddies, show ring, healing, Service and helpful therapy dogs.

We are thrilled to be able to share with you a companion like no other –

a Quality Lab from WELCOME HOME LABS!

Our Pledge

We strive to uphold and maintain the true Labrador Retriever- correct to the AKC standards- through an ethical breeding program with high integrity. We provide black, chocolate and yellow Labrador Retrievers with quality champion lineage for family companions, service dogs, therapy dogs, hunt companions, competition and working Labs.  Our focus is on health, temperament and raising our Labs with quality care in a family environment.  We care for every puppy and adult Lab as a family member whether they are with us for a lifetime or just 8 weeks.

We want to offer excellent lab traits combined with a family foundation to offer people companions like no other…the best family dog that is ever-ready to WELCOME YOU HOME!

Call 320-838-3636 or email [email protected] for details.