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Welcome Home Labs~  Reviews and Testimonials

Here are a few of the responses that we receive from our “extended family”.  We enjoy staying in touch with all of you.  We are continually getting updates from families-  we LOVE that- thank you!  I am REALLY HOPING to add testimonials regularly.  I am just trying to find a way that would work easily.  We get several everyday and it certainly makes our days even brighter.  Let me know if you have an idea for me to post these easily.  My focus is dogs and people so the website is not my expertise. 

We welcome you to continue to send in photos and an update of your Lab or share about your experience with us then I will do my best to post it right away.    If you want to be sure that it is posted then just say in your email…please, post this in testimonials.  That will motivate me to get it up because I don’t want to disappoint you and I am so happy to share these Labs with others. 

Families also leave testimonies and updates on Facebook where they can post directly to Welcome Home Labs Facebook.  Be sure to look under ‘comments’ of the FB posts.  Enjoy!

Thank you, thank you for allowing us to be a part of you welcoming home your new family member.
We truly consider it a privilege!

Hello, hello! 
I’ve been meaning to send an update on our girl! I’m sure you can tell from social media, but we absolutely adore her. Brie has been the best addition to our little family. 
Couple of things we wanted to share: 
– Easiest puppy to house train I’ve ever had. She had hardly any accidents, and learned so quickly. Within a week of bringing her home it just clicked. 

– She loves to train and learn new commands. Michael is always teaching her new tricks. She knows sit, down, crate, stay, come, shake, roll, recalls to her name, walks next to us without pulling on or off leash (without distractions 😉 ), waits for the “okay” to eat food or her treats when right in front of her, etc etc etc. Such a smart girl!

– LOVES water. The first time we took her to a lake – she raced in and started galloping through the water and swimming before either of us had  time to wade in. 

– LOVES people so much. Her biggest hurdle is staying calm when greeting/excited peeing, but she’s the happiest lab puppy so most people we meet/greet don’t mind 🙂 
– We get compliments on her look/color and her happy/excited demeanor all the time!!! So many people recognize her in our apartment complex. It’s so sweet. 

I just wanted to take a minute to share and thank you again! She was the cutest puppy in the world, but this stage she’s in now is our favorite yet. No more puppy biting (haha) and just very loyal and excited to hang out with us all the time.

Some recent photos attached. Thank you again!!

Hi Bryce and Gina!

It’s hard to believe we have already have Luna as part of our family for 6 weeks! She has grown SO much! Her first weigh in at our vet was 9.4 lbs (the Monday after we picked her up) and just weighed her in for her vet appt today and she is already 18.5 lbs! We love and adore her, she is lovely and friendly. We start puppy school with her tomorrow! I’ve attached pictures in order from the last several weeks so you can see her grow and see her progress. Thank you for such a beautiful, loyal and fun companion!

Best wishes and hope the family is well,

Ali, Justin Zegar
Puppy "Luna"

Bryce, Gina and family,

I know I have said it many times overt the past few months but I have to say it again, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! This is a dream come true.

I have always loved labs. Ever since I was little and would go play with my uncle’s dog Nugget. I have done my research on the breed and I knew what I wanted. Welcome Home Labs has fulfilled that and then some. From the first day, it has been a pleasure getting to know you. You took the time to match me with a puppy that would fit with what I was looking for. You didn’t force a puppy on me. You gave me an option.

I promise to take good care of Monroe. She is already loved. I know she will be an awesome addition to my family.

She will have a big fall with a few planned hunting trips for grouse at the shack, then Iowa for a pheasant hunt, and ending the fall with a duck hunt. I promise not to overwork/overt exercise her. These will be short trips, just to get her started.

Aside from hunting, she is going to join Karney in being a family pet. I have a feeling my bed is going to get very crowded this year. I will send pictures to update you on her progress.

I would recommend your kennel to anyone looking for a good experience and a beautiful Lab.

Please, enjoy these cookies. They aren’t much but they are the best I can do to try to show my gratitude. A big thank you to your kids for loving on my little girl.

I will let you know when we get back to International Falls.

Heidi V.
Brook X George puppy

He’s easy to train and very calm.  

Potty training is going very well.  Already  knows sit, lay down, wait for food,  come,  he’s beginning roll over and heel.  

He gets lots of love and is playing very well with our neighbors English Lab. 

Kyle and Elisha Bahr
Puppy "Tank"

Thank-you again for providing such a wonderful little puppy!

Pete has been amazing, he learns things as fast as I can teach him. Sit, stay, shake, crawl, roll-over are all in the rear-view mirror. He is happy and loving to everybody he meets.

He is growing like a weed, and has never defecated once in the house. He is mostly house trained already.

I get many compliments on how cute he is, and the long-time tech at my Vet’s office wanted to know where we got him.

He has exceeded our expectations!

Jim and Kathy S.
Therese X Lightning puppy

These pictures are 2 weeks old but they are some of the best that I have on my computer. She loves to be out in the snow and playing with her big sister.

Being that Karney is a herding dog, when Monroe gets the zoomies and wants to run around the yard, it helps to create a fun activity for both the girls.

She has transitioned to her bigger crate well. Almost too well. She doesn’t not like to sleep in beds. However if I am sleeping on the couch, she is perfectly content to snuggle. Usually laying on my back with her head next to mine.

Over Easter she got lots of attention. We had a house full of little kids and she did great. My oldest 2 nephews are so in love with her that they keep asking if I will let them keep her and get a new one. My answer is a big NO. I love this little girl. Well not so little. I think we are pushing the 30 pound mark. But that is ok. She is just beautiful. When we go walking or visiting people always compliment her on her beautiful color. She is still mostly white with gold points. We did find one black hair in all the white when we were brushing her.

At the end of April we are thinking of taking her out to the woods for the first time if the snow goes away. Dad has a starter pistol to start her out on. I am looking forward to this fall. She is already showing that she has great potential. She follows any thing that we roll or throw. She has also picked up the commends we use for Karney. She is a very confident dog. Nothing scares her. She is cautious of new things without being fearful.

Looking at Brook and George, I see a lot of George in her. Especially her eyes. She has the same expressive eyebrows that he has. They made a beautiful puppy. I would love to have another one.

I will send some more pictures soon.

She is growing so fast.
Thank you again.

Heidi Monroe and Karney

We are so happy with our sweet boy, Gus (Cia and Lightning).

He is such a fast learner and absolutely loves his girls. We couldn’t be more pleased with him.

Thank you so much!

Jessica V

Maggie is the love of our lives. Best dog ever. Thanks to welcome home labs!

Monique A.

Hi Bryce and Gina,

I am SO sorry I have not emailed until now. I feel a little like a new Mom with a baby – just happy that you get a shower each day. 🙂

Winston (you called him Hodsgi…which by the way, what is the origin of that name, we had never heard it before) is doing GREAT. Our Vet (who has always had Labs) said you guys gave him the BEST start and said he would say Winston was “confident but mellow”…which pretty much sounds like what you observed wtih him.

He is doing great. He is So SMART. He has already learned so many things…he comes when called-EVERYTIME…he SITS on command and is learning WAIT…since we make he and Lola do that before they can eat. He also is getting the outside potty thing down pretty well (meaning we are really good at guessing when he needs to go “) but he is learning. He also goes all night long sleeping in his crate in our room and only ever got up 2 nights.

He and his “big” sister Lola love to play together and are starting to learn appropriate play and not all-star wrestling.

I have attached a couple of photos and also have a really cute video of the 2 of them and have sent it in a separate email as it was SO large. I can’t imagine him not in our lives…he is the sweetest pup and we love him so much.

We are so thankful for raising such wonderful dogs and SO IMPRESSED with everything you all did for them You are the BEST…and we tell everyone that.

I will write and send more photos soon!

Patty Carlson and Gregg Lovell

Bryce and Gina, thank you so much for taking our questions seriously and for the time and effort you spent addressing them.

I feel so much better prepared for puppy day a couple weeks from now after talking with you yesterday.

Your friendliness, concern and professionalism are outstanding.
We couldn’t be more impressed or happier with Welcome Home Labs!

Thank you so much.
It won’t matter which of the three girls we get.
They are all perfectly lovely!

It was very impressive the way Pumpkin and Nellie each searched for and found their potty spot at only 4-5 weeks of age!
The time and care you put into getting them ready for us to welcome into our family is going to translate into a very smooth transition.

Thanks for always going above and beyond, whether in careful breeding, having your own labs as part of your own family to jump in the pond or run through the snow, having the puppies intermingling with your children for excellent socialization from the very first moments, or in responding to our questions and concerns as we prepare to bring our puppy home.

Our best to you always,
We would always be happy to be a contact for anyone wanting to know our experiences with Welcome Home Labs!

Jan and Hunter Olsen
Mulan X Leaguer pups

Bryce and Gina,

We can’t thank you enough for bringing Ryder into our lives. There are so many reasons why he is such a special puppy and it all comes from Welcome Home Labs. From the very start with your interview process to the updates, the pick-up and all the love, Welcome Home Labs is incredible. Not only did your family give Ryder loads of love and early socialization, but you also helped us learn! We have had the joy of living with Ryder for almost 7 weeks, now. Even though Patrick and I both grew up with labs, Ryder still amazes us. As I write you this update he is snuggling in my lap, but if we go outside he will just as easily run and explore. We could not have asked for a better temperament: loving, calm, adventurous and soooo smart. I am continuously amazed at how quickly he responds to training and new commands. Our vet and the trainers at the puppy school have commented on it, too. Our vet, a lab lover, has even talked to us about getting a puppy from Welcome Home Labs. Ryder is constantly getting compliments from other lab owners about how well-behaved and HANDSOME he is. His shiny coat and his boxy English features will speak for themselves in the pictures. We will never know how to thank you, but I can tell you that we will be sending our families your way and can’t wait to see more litters grow.

Thanks and love to you and your family,

Patrick and Patti
Brook X George puppy

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