Helpful Hints- Training Formal and Informal​

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Helpful Hints- Training Formal and Informal​

Posted by Welcome Home Labs
5 months ago | November 16, 2023

Formal and informal training:
There are many methods and techniques to training.  My advice is that you find what works for you and no matter what method you use CONSISTENCY is the key.  Have fun training!  The book The Art of Raising a Puppy  by the Monks of New Skete is a good resource for you to read though as you prepare.

I strongly encourage you to start looking into basic training obedience programs in your  area.  You shouldn’t begin anything in a group setting  until all of the first puppy shots are complete at four months.  If you start to look around now, then you will be set when  you pup is old enough.  Formal training is a wonderful way  to bond with your dog, to learn how smart your dog is, and  to have a well-mannered adult.  Some pups pick up on things  right away and don’t require much correction or reminders and others will make you work a bit more.  They  are just like children in that way.  The rewards of a  well-behaved friend are huge. 
It really is critical that you establish boundaries and HELP TEACH basic obedience commands. Don’t assume that they “should know” this or that.  They are looking to you to teach them.  It is very rewarding to work with your puppy and you will be amazed how smart your puppy is when you give him/her the opportunity to show you what he/she is capable of doing.  Remember, they require brain stimulation and have desire to  please you.  Help your puppy learn from right away.  
You are  “training” all of the time even when you don’t  realize it.  When you greet your puppy, bend down and  DON’T let pup jump.  A puppy seems harmless when they  jump but you don’t want an adult jumping so start RIGHT AWAY.  Also, offering chew toys and not playing  “tug” games but rather fetch will help you to not raise a “biter”. Be decisive when correcting.  A  quick motion of grabbing over the muzzle where you wrap the  side of the top lips over/around the teeth coupled with a  verbal, “EEGH” can help them to know that you  won’t have them bite.  Be consistent.  You can start  with basic commands of sit, stay, down right away (8  weeks).  I recommend short “formal” training  sessions.  Make sure it stays fun and don’t try to do  too much at one time.  If you are wanting to train your pup  to come to their name, it is helpful to have a long  LIGHTWEIGHT lead or rope so when you say their name and  “COME” you can pull the lead and bring them to you  for praise.  Bryce and I highly encourage you to train your  pup!  All of these pups come from great lines and are  certainly smart so they have potential to be fantastic  adults.  If you don’t set the boundaries and teach then  you can’t expect the “perfect” dog.  If you  do help your puppy to learn what you desire and you make it  fun and rewarding to “do what is right” then you  can expect the perfect dog.  Be consistent, enjoy and you  will have a forever friend!  There are basic training  programs through many Community Education programs, 4-H is  FANTASTIC for youth, check into pet supply stores, vets and most importantly with friends that have well behaved dogs for  contacts in your area.  Start with training in your home  and then look into formal basic obedience programs outside  your home and make a goal to get your STARR puppy award or  your Canine Good Citizen award.  It is fun to have a goal  together.

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