Welcome Home Labs ~ Located in Minnesota

Quality AKC English Champion Labradors for Therapy/Service, Hunting, Show and the best Family Loved Friend!

Oona and George had puppies!  The puppies were welcomed on July 23rd, 2013.

All of the puppies are spoken for.

We are currently taking reservations for future yellow puppies.



~5 weeks~




~3 Weeks~

The problem with having such cute puppies is that it can be hard to get anything done.  I also have a 'million' pictures on my camera.  They are fun, healthy and adorable!


 Girls~ Glory, Bambi                                                                        Girls~ Fiona, Diamond





Boys~ Buck, Ol' Yeller










Two Weeks!









 ~New Puppies to Love!~


Cuddling with the puppies is so much fun!


There are two boys and 8 girls.  There is some availability.







Oona and George