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Microchip Information ​

All of the pups from Welcome Home Labs come with an Avid Micro-Chip. Now that s/he has a microchip, s/he may be easily identified if s/he were lost or stolen.  This also can confirm identity of the dog if there

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Clicker Training and Information​

I am including this here as an example of how clicker training can work.  You can do all of these basic training needs/ideas without the clicker but it is a helpful method for some households and dogs do respond to

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Meeting Resident Pet(s)​

Typically, Labradors are pretty easy going and puppies are just curious and friendly.  So, unless you are unsure of how your resident (older) dog will behave/respond to a puppy then I think meeting one another is a special part of

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Dog Food​

FROMM LARGE BREED PUPPY FORMULA is what we use and recommend. We will send you with 5 pounds of Fromm Large Breed Puppy Gold when you come to welcome your puppy.   Food and water: It is important to keep your

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Making a Home Safe​

Make your home safe for your new puppy. Eliminate potential hazards/chemicals around the house and store them in safe places Keep breakable objects out of reach.  Puppies like to chew so remove things that a puppy could ingest. Put up

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