Update!  Puppies have arrived!


Reservations are now being accepted.


If you would like more pictures of our available puppies or if you would like to learn about future puppies then email us at info@welcomehomelabs.  







All of these puppies have found their families.  Congratulations to the families.

Loving the puppy fun!






We are taking reservations for

 late summer/fall puppies!

We will have black, yellow and chocolate puppies.



Contact us if you would like more information about the upcoming litters, our program or if you would like to get on the reservation list.  


We always fulfill our reservation lists first and then we occasionally have immediate availability.


Please visit our Adoption Process page to learn more.





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Previous Puppies

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  Our dogs teach us so much.

*Enjoy the  simple pleasure of a walk.

*Run and play daily.

*Be loyal, faithful and quick to forgive.

*Sometimes it is best to sit close and listen.

*Follow your instincts.

*Keep digging until you find what you want.

*Avoid biting when a growl will do.

*Accept all of life’s treats with gratitude.

*Love unconditionally.

Call 320-838-3636 or email info@welcomehomelabs.com for details.