Welchomes’ Misty Day at the Beach “Missy”

A boy and his dog. Missy is a loving, sweet, attentive girl with a bit of spunk for playing. She will stick right by your side (unless our kitty comes around teasing) then she must give the kitty a little gentle attention. She watches our son just looking to please. Missy enjoys playing fetch and she especially loves ending a good game of play with a good hug. She comes from our Thunder and Breezy so it is no surprise that she is a loving girl. The loving happy retriever is our girl, Missy. She comes from excellent lines with top health and conformation.

  • Hips- OFA GOOD     Elbows- OFA Normal     Heart- OFA Normal
  • Eyes- CERF/CAER Normal     Centronuclear Myopathy- CNM  Clear   
  • Exercise Induced Collapse- EIC Clear     Degenerative Myelopothy- DM Clear


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