Miles~  WHL Miles from Home Nip and Teague

We are thrilled to be able to welcome Miles into our program.  He is such a sweet, inquisitive boy with an ease and gentleness about him.  He loves to be with his people to be sure but he is a best buddy with all of the other dogs as well.  Every being loves Miles.  To add to his resume of great traits would be his looks.  A solid top-line including the thick otter tail with the broad English chest and the solid rear make it a delight to look at Miles.  His sparkly eyes respond in novels after he intently listens to his people.  He has many champions in his lineage and we believe that many of these confirmed traits came his way as well.  His sire, Nipntuck All Aces “Gamble” also sired the Best in Sweeps winner at Potomac, 2017-Nipntuck Well Played.  Some names of possible recognition in his close generational lines are BISS GCH Dickendall Ironore Bluefish, Int CH Dual FR CH Carromer Charlie Chalk and CH Shannon Valley’s Beauregard.  Miles is a champion in our eyes as well even if he doesn’t get the opportunity to prove it at shows.  He has our hearts.

Call 319-214-0776 or email [email protected] for details.