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Yellow/ Ivory Puppies


 Here are some of our previous yellow/ivory litters.  We are deliberate with each pairing and this is a good representation of what a family could expect if you choose to get a future WHL pup.


Previous Lily X Lightning Puppy





An outdoor adventure at 6 weeks old.



 Four weeks old.






Puppy or a polar bear?  This fluffy boy is Top-Gear (blue collar).  He is a cuddle boy that is gentle and unassuming.  He observes things around him and he is not demanding.  He can often be found lounging next to the fire on his back enjoying a long afternoon nap.  He is a mellow soul.







Here we have Padre (green collar) the friend to all.  He is interested is the activity around him with a bit more ambition than his brother.  He certainly still has the full English temperament of calm but the peppiness is showing a bit more.  He had fun in the snow.

Sanibel (yellow collar) is our manners girl.  She is quiet and lets others go first.  She will watch and learn from others and then decide what to investigate next.  She is confident on her own as well and can hold her own.   She has engaging and beautiful almond shaped eyes, too.

While the other pups had their share of speaking out against the cold ground...Dawn seemed to not have any troubles adjusting.  This picture captures what we have seen thus far in Dawn...she is a go-with-the-flow kind of gal!  She has the gentle yellowing on her head and body for the perfect sugar cookie look.  

Now, Glimmer (pink/red collar) is the smallest and most adventurous.  She is quick to greet people with her kisses and love.  Confident and friendly are the two words that first come to me when describing this honey girl.










Cuddle time with the puppies.













This is Zelda.



This is Millie.











The handsome boys



 The girls just days old.  Their noses are starting to get black.



The HAPPY mom