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Reservations/ Services  

Please, fill out the "Tell Us About You" form from a tab on top of the site heading.

We will read through your form and then call you back.  Feel free to contact us at the contact below if you haven't heard from us.  We attempt to get back to you within 2 days but sometimes it may be up to 3 to 4 depending on the time of year.

BryceandGina@yahoo.com  or call 1-320-838-3636


 We are here to help make the perfect match for your personality and needs.  We want to place our pups where all, people and pups, will be thrilled and thrive.

We will attempt to get back to all inquiries within 48 hours.

Contact us about planned litters to request your reservation.




How do I get on a reservation list?

We do have waiting/reservation lists.  

We don't accept any reservations without talking to the prospective families first.  We want to make sure that this is the best match for all involved.  Welcoming a puppy home is a huge consideration and not to be taken lightly.  We want to be sure that you understand the responsibilities that come with adding a family member.  If, after we talk to you and questions are answered on both ends, you decide that you want to welcome a puppy home, we will accept your deposit and hold your place on our reservation list.  We take this responsibility seriously and once you commit to getting a puppy from us we are simultaneously committed to providing you with a companion.  

Use this link for detailed information about the reservation process.  How do the Reservation Lists work? 

We require a $214 ($14 is MN State Sales Tax which we are required to collect) deposit to hold your spot.  This is a non-refundable deposit.  If you change your mind or something comes up in your life that you are unable to get a puppy when we contact you of an available option then we will honor your deposit for one year from the date of the change.  At no time will we refund an entire deposit...in rare cases we may refund 50% of the deposit and that is entirely up to our discretion.  Please, only leave a deposit with us if you are ready to welcome a puppy and are committed to WHL.

It is often 6-9 months to wait for your puppy.  We don't have control over heat cycles but we try to be as realistic with you as we can in regards to when we believe you are likely to welcome your pup home.  If we call you and let you know that a puppy is available but it is not good timing for you then you can pass.  We can re-place you on the reservation list for a future puppy.  Also, if it works out to be a longer wait than 6-9 months the deposit is still not refundable.  We do all we can to have a pup for you in the time frame we discuss before the deposit and reservation is given but we can't control late heat cycles, skipped heats, or size and genders of litters.  

We accept a personal check if it is before the litter is born or if the pups are less than three of weeks of age.  We also can invoice you through Paypal for the deposit if you prefer or if it is after the third week of age of the pup.  Paypal deposit will be $222 which includes the 4% Paypal fee that they charge for using this secure service. 

You can reserve according to a specific gender and color.   You may have to wait a bit but we believe that it will definitely be worth it to wait for your preferred gender and color.  We realize that some families are open to either gender or multiple colors and we indicate that on our reservation list as well.  You will share many, many years with your newest member so waiting a few extra months to get what you want, in our opinion, is well worth it.  

After you reserve a pup, we let you know as soon as they arrive and we keep you posted through pictures as they grow. Sometimes the pictures are posted on our site otherwise I send collections of pictures directly to you.  We want you to be a part of watching them grow in the early days. 



 We ALWAYS ask questions about each prospective adoptive family.  Don't be offended, we just want to do all we can to make this a great experience for all involved.  This helps us to make the best matches.  We don't ever accept a deposit or hold a reservation spot without first going through some of the following questions.  We ask about time availability of people in the family~ is someone home during the day otherwise what are the plans for puppy during the day, what kind of activity interests prospective families have so we know if you want a porch buddy or a hiking buddy.  We want to know if you have owned a dog before or if there are currently other animals in the home, we want to learn what kind of exercise area you have for a new puppy, we want to know if you have hunting interests or show-ring interests.  We like to know if there are children in the home and if so, what the ages of the children are.   Overall, we are looking to place our puppies into Forever Families and we try to make the best fit we can for the puppy and the people.  We want our puppies to have endless love, plenty of space to play around and a family that is in a good position to Welcome Home a Lab.  A doggie companion is a 10-14 year commitment that must be made with much consideration.  There is time in training and play, there are vet costs, you may find that you are not as free to come and go because you have another to consider.  Please, don't ever jump into getting a puppy.  Do what is best for you and for the puppy and if you decide that now IS the time...we would be happy to try to help match you with your forever friend. 

Please, contact us by phone. 

We can discuss your interests, wants and family situation so we can help in finding your perfect puppy match! 

Once we believe that we will have the match for you we accept a deposit to hold your puppy.




We have young children, some of whom are just learning to take good telephone messages, so please, try back if you don't hear from us.  Thank you!  We know you'll find your perfect match that will always...

Welcome You Home!

Bryce, Gina and Family

Our Pledge:

We strive to uphold and maintain the true Labrador Retriever- correct to the AKC standards- through an ethical breeding program with high integrity. We provide black, chocolate and yellow Labrador Retrievers
with outstanding temperaments, that are  well-mannered, loyal, nice conformation, hunting/retrieving drive with intelligence, and a gentle nature.  We want our grown pups to be family companions, hunting buddies, show, obedience and therapy dogs.

We want to offer excellent lab traits combined with a family foundation to offer people companions like no other...the best family dog that is ever-ready to WELCOME YOU HOME!


All pictures on this site are the property of Welcome Home Labs and may not be copied or used without written permission.  Thank you! 




 We find perfect matches nationwide.  We have puppies across the country such as New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Virginia, Ohio, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Nevada, California, Wyoming, Oregon, Montana, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Louisiana, North Carolina.  We have local pick up here in Minnesota.  Some families drive in from all across the country and others fly in and come to our home to welcome their puppy and then they fly back home with their puppy nestled on their lap.