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Reservation Lists



In order to best serve you we have included our reservation policy outline.  Please, feel free to contact us if you would like to get on a reservation list or if you have questions.

 We reserve according to your color and gender preference and to be fair we reserve in order of the deposits received.  You can't 'buy' a pick position. 

We can indicate if you are open to more than one color and/or gender.  

We accept deposits for future puppies only after we have had a phone conversation determining that adding a puppy would be a good fit for you and the prospective puppy.  Call Bryce or Gina at 1.320.838.3636.


Welcoming a puppy into your family is a 10-14 year commitment.  Our families are very thoughtful and deliberate when selecting their puppy.  If you wish to leave a deposit, be aware that it may be 9 months before your puppy is in your arms.  We understand that there are more ideal times than other times, however, in the scope of many years together...waiting a few extra months is worth it for the right puppy.  Generally, when you place a deposit you will be receiving a call within 4-9 months sharing that your puppy has been born.   It is often quite a bit sooner but we want you to understand that it may be a wait.  We don't have control over when a female cycles, how many pups are in the litter or what gender we have so I want our families to know that we need to be a bit flexible.  Please, carefully read our reservation policy so you are aware of how it works and ask for clarification if you need to.    We are raising quality puppiesThis is not a factory and we can't have a puppy for you on a specific date.  You need to be open to a several month time-frame if you would like to get a pup from us.

All of our puppies come from QUALITY ENGLISH LINES.  English Labs have the gentle calm temperament indoors along with focus, intelligence and retrieval drive when outdoors.   We believe that a Labrador should be reflective of the breed standard...capable of doing all the things that Labs are known for.   We believe our Labs would be a good fit for most situations...family pet, walking/running companion, hunt buddy, therapy/service, and agility/4-H Lab.  With proper training your Lab will be an obedient companion and a valued member of your family.   




This is a list that contains the families that have placed a deposit for a specific coat color and gender.

A $214 ($14 is MN State Sales Tax which we are required to collect) deposit will hold a spot for you on the OPEN RESERVATION LIST.  Check on our Reservation page for the current puppy price.

 You choose your preferred color and gender and we will place you on the appropriate list...OPEN BLACK, OPEN YELLOW, OPEN CHOCOLATE in 1st, 2nd, 3rd...position and so on in order of deposits received.  We will share with you which Labs we plan to pair over the next several months.  We try to keep the reservation lists proportionate to the number of litters that we anticipate in any given 5-9 month period.  

If you are open to either gender or more than one coat color then you can indicate when you reserve a pup.  If you are flexible with color or gender it will increase your likelihood of welcoming your pup home sooner.  We will place you on your 1st choice list and we will make note of other possibilities that may work for you.  Having a 'set' color and gender preference is absolutely fine as well.



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