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2014 Winter/Spring Chocolate Puppies

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 All of the puppies are spoken for.













All of their puppies are spoken for.


6 week fun!




It is fun to see how they are each starting to develop and we can start to see their individual temperaments come forth.  I wrote about our observations to their reactions to the snow and a new setting.  This is the first time that they have been outside so EVERYTHING is new.  We may continue to see the same tendencies in individuals over the weeks ahead or they may change a bit.  We document what we see and then we do temperament assessments at 6 and again at 7 weeks to help you find the best match for your family.  They are all doing well...they are healthy and beautiful.  When they are not snuggled in arms they are in our bathroom with a half gate so we can easily see and hear them.  It can get tricky getting into the bathroom since they like to snuggle in a pile by the door...it is interesting having the children brush teeth and hair in the morning...it is a bit comical.  We all watch our step but today is the day...today they will be moving out to our heated garage and they will experience another 'new world'.




 The wrong picture went to this spot and I can't seem to remove it.  Hmmm...

The weather is warming a bit in Minnesota.  The puppies went out for a little morning sunshine.  Boomer found his preferred way to soak up the sunshine...snuggled in Bryce's jacket...ahhh...   Boomer (blue collar)  is a mellow, relaxed fellow.  This picture 'flipped' into this spot and I can't seem to change it (Oona's girl).  Boomer is much darker.  :)









 Rosa (red/pink collar) is bright and interested.  She likes to investigate and with a mild sense of caution.  People make her happy and she is quick to follow our movement and our talking with her eyes as if she is soaking in every piece of information she can.  Cuddles and neck rubs are what she enjoys most. 









This is Asia (yellow collar).  She greeted the outdoors with a bit of hesitation but definitely was open to the bigger world.  She is not quick to explore away from her comfort zone but she did seek out her human sisters and some sniffs of snow within a few minutes of adjusting to the new setting.  Our worldly Asia is a nice, balanced, beautiful girl.







Ginger (green collar) is happy to greet the world.  She is content and happy wherever she finds herself.  The cold didn't bother Ginger much...she took it as an opportunity to romp around a bit more than usual and then she found the cozy bed we had in their play area and nestled in.  She is a fun, smart and sweet girl.








Olive (orange collar) is another gorgeous girl.   Olive is pictured right where she wants to be...next to another body.  She is cautious initially but not overly concerned.  She did play with the toys in the snow but as soon as Belle came near Olive looked up with her beautiful eyes and she was swooped up.












Two and a half weeks