Welcome Home Labs ~ Located in Minnesota

Quality AKC English Champion Labradors for Therapy/Service, Hunting, Show and the best Family Loved Friend!

All of the puppies are spoken for. 

Please, contact us if you would like to be on our reservation list for a future puppy.  



 The puppies are almost 6 weeks now.   They are doing well and using their potty spot regularly! 

These puppies have the easy-going, happy temperaments of Breezy and Trooper.

Welcome Home Day is around the corner.




~ 4 weeks and VERY SWEET~



Adorable Angels~ 2 weeks


Our children like to 'baby' the puppies.  They are very gentle with the puppies so don't worry.  

They took these photos so credit to them for capturing these adorable moments.  Soon these angels will be busy running around but for now it is still nap time.





Breezy is a gentle, loving girl.  David LOVES to hang out with her.  She will tolerate our youngest using her as a pillow or a riding toy (I actually think she likes the pushing and prodding like a little massage).  She is happy to show off her beautiful litter of puppies.  She doesn't leave their side much, she is such a good momma, but she is giving a few of the others a chance to say hello to the newest babies in the home.  They are in our bathroom and they have a heat plate under the blanket for the perfect temperatureBreezy with her laid back way and Trooper with his willing, happy-go-lucky way will be a fantastic combination!  We are excited for all of the families!