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Puppies Welcomed December 15th, 2012     

All of these pups are spoken for. 

Our spring reservation list is currently full.  We are taking reservations for our summer/fall litter.  Call if you would like information.


The Girls...






The boys ...












 The puppies are now 3 weeks old...Enjoy the photos!

Major, Hoover, Harper, Cooper, Suede, Bingo, Truffle, Maddy and Rudolph


Our youngest daughter is sure that Maddy is ready for going on a walk with a lead.  The lead probably weighs about as much as she does.  She is a good sport about it.  It is fun to see the pups up on all fours wobbling around.



I am not sure if this is Hoover or Rudolph but I do know that this little guy will NOT be overlooked!  He says...cuddle me closer or give me my momma.


Harper and Cooper are right where they want to be.  I think they put our daughter so sleep or at least she is very relaxed.


The puppies are snuggled here and there and everywhere all day long.  It is a rare moment when you don't see a puppy doing homework or reading a book or playing Legos with someone.  They are bundled up and become a part of our daily family routines.  However, my camera doesn't have a flash so when I take pictures of the puppies for our families we set up a play/snuggle area right by a window.  The sunshine feels so good on the faces of the pups and the people in the middle of the winter! 





~2 Weeks~

They are starting to find greater mobility as they push up on all fours and wobble around to find Momma. 

They are growing nicely!


Cuddle/play time with the puppies is so much fun!

We "temporarily" named the puppies this week. 

The girls are Maddy in Pink, Suede in Yellow and Truffle in Orange.

The boys are Bingo in Green, Harper in Blue, Major in White, Hoover in Green, Cooper in Blue, and Rudolph in White.



December 15, 2012



Our youngest is following the family and LOVES the puppies.  When he is unhappy for any reason, the puppies always cheer him up.  Sometimes he just stands outside of the bathroom door and pounds which is his way of letting us know that he wants to see, "da pup, da pup, pup, pup, da pup".  He would stay with them all day if we let him.  He is amazingly gentle with how he touches and loves on the puppies.  He wanted to curl up and nap with his warm, chocolate friends.



There are 3 females and 6 males. 


We welcomed our chocolate litter December 15th!


All of the puppies have been spoken for.


Call us for further information.


1.  Griffin Family from Belmont, MA will welcome (Cooper) Brady!  Congratulations!

2.  Neuman Family from Rochester, MN will welcome (Hoover) Beau!  Congrats!

3.  Reis Family from Ham Lake, MN will welcome (Bingo) Butkus!  Congratulations!

4.  Dahl Family from Centerville, MN will welcome (Harper) Drake!  Congrats!

5.  Bailey/Cunningham Family from Bowling Green, MO will welcome Rudolph! 

6.  Henderson Family from Story City, IA will welcome Major!  Congratulations!



1.  Garin Family from Athens, GA will welcome Truffle!  Congratulations!

2.  Prince Family from Rochester, MN will welcome (Maddy) Penny!  Congrats!

3.  Wroge Family from Eagan, MN will welcome (Suede) Mollie!  Congratulations!



If you didn't get on the list for one of our current puppies... we expect our next Chocolate Litter in the spring and we hope to have two litters this summer/fall.