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They are HERE! Chocolate Puppies!

All of the puppies have been spoken for. 

Please, call if you would like to get on a list for future chocolate.  Enjoy the photos!

The puppies are born in our bathroom so we can be right close to them in those early weeks.  They have their wonderful mamma!   She is doing a great job!  There is a heat lamp (that is giving the orange color) and a warm heat plate to snuggle at the perfect temperature.  There are others here at Welcome Home Labs that love to "mother" as well and they are quick to lend a hand to Mulan to "hook-up" puppies.  Our youngest daughter said this morning, "Oh, how wonderful it would be to be a puppy and snuggle up all day long in this cozy place."

We enjoy this beautiful process of welcoming a pup AND welcoming a family member!


Growing up...4 weeks already!


Front-side     Back-side...   I thought these photos were cute. 

The puppies were playing outside frolicking and exploring.  They got warm and tired so they found a cool spot in the shade on our gazebo.  We poured some water on the deck to cool them further.  We didn't want our sweet chocolates to melt in the heat.  They relaxed and enjoyed the summer breeze.

 Chumbo                    Grover

Half-pint                         Nellie                        Pumpkin

See the teeth?


The puppies are 4 weeks old now.







The puppies are 18 days now.  Their eyes are open and the are moving about on all fours a bit.  They certainly still spend the majority of their time sleeping and cuddling but it is so fun when they do wake up and visit for a bit.






This is his favorite place...with the puppies.





They are 8 days old now. 

They had a few moments outside of the cozy "nest" and they were in human "nests" cuddling.   They are strong and starting to lift up their heads a more and more. 








Newly welcomed chocolate kisses!