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Cali X Leaguer Pups Welcomed July 16th, 2013 ~               Black and Chocolate puppies

All of the puppies are spoken for. 

We do expect more puppies this month.  Feel free to contact us to find out about our reservation list.


Pictures for you to enjoy!  Cali is doing so well!  She is attentive, careful and gentle with her pups.  They are all growing so nicely with little pudgy bellies.  They often have their tongues out when they sleep just like they were nursing.  There are four black and four chocolate.  Congratulations to the families that will be welcoming these puppies into their homes and sweet dreams puppies as you have the big job of growing.  There will be updates posted here about every 10 days.


~The puppies are 4 weeks now~




Reese                                Hershey                            Snickers





Berry                                                  Velvet


 Friday                                                    Forest






~3 weeks~








~ 13 days~ 

A few eyes are peeking but it is mostly cuddle time.







~3 days~