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 The Classic Black Lab

 We do genetic color testing so we know the recessive color traits of each of our dogs.  This allows us the ability to pair dogs based on temperament, physical attributes, heath status and color.  We are always excited to welcome the black puppies!  If two dogs don't have any matching color markers in coat or recessive then they will produce the dominant black puppy.  These are previous black puppies from WHL and a great representation of what you could expect if you want to welcome a future black puppy from Welcome Home Labs.


 Congratulations to the families that welcomed these beautiful puppies!




Previous WHL black pup.







We do color testing on our Labs.  We knew that Olivia did not carry recessive yellow and that George did not carry recessive chocolate so the only possibility with this pairing would be black puppies.  We really like the traits as far as body type, health and temperament of both of these two and we wanted to combine these two for beautiful black puppies with these traits.

Olivia is on the smaller side...about 62 pounds.  She is sweet and gentle.  She is happy to be with children, adults, other dogs or by herself...very easy going and willing for whatever comes her way.  George is a gentleman that likes to be noticed but he will 'wait his turn' and he is not demanding.  He is very smart and enjoys a retrieval challenge.  Those eyes melt my heart as his dancing eye-brows seem to be asking questions and answering mine.  This is a wonderful pairing!






 Evie (pink/red) is our visitor...she is the greeter girl.  She likes to say hello and she will venture off of the warm island blanket in the snow to find a lap or sit by my feet.  She will look up and be patient until I reach down to give her some love and attention.  She is a very nice girl.











River (Green collar) is true to her name and she goes with the flow.  She likes her people and the other puppies but she does not NEED to be with another.  She is gentle, confident and loving.









Dottie (yellow collar) is smart and cautiously adventurous.  She is willing to go beyond the comforts and security of the puppy bed to learn about the moving strings that flop around on the snow near the big, colorful boots.  She gets along well with the other puppies and she is not dominant.









This handsome boy is Simon (blue collar).  So far, he has shown us that he is a content boy with a healthy sense of drive.  He is certainly a pup that enjoys his cuddle time as well.









Here is Ben (orange collar).  He is a solid bone with intent, gorgeous eyes and he is soaking up the changing world around him.  He is not particularly a go getter nor is he lazy.  He is a balanced boy with a sweet way about him. 










Boss (white collar) may look like the boss but he really is a mild teddy bear.  He is typically the first of the boys to seek out a person to sniff and cuddle with.  I think he will grow to look like he means business when he really means..."How can I love you more?"







The proud momma!  She is doing a fantastic job with her puppies! 

They were little chunkers when they arrived and they continue to thrive.



 Olivia's girls with the girls.