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                Angel X Leaguer Pups are Here!

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 Angel X Leaguer   Chocolate


 The pups arrived July 7, 2010.  She had three girls and seven boys.

All have been adopted.





 JoJo at 5.5 weeks

JoJo is an attentive, gentle boy that will be a wonderful companion.  He is great with his litter mates and with our adult dogs. 

He is smart and knows that there is a "potty spot", he is also started on crate training.







A great big thank you to my son, D, for uploading and getting these cute pictures up this week.  Well done, son!


Mindy, K.C., Poka-Dots ---7 weeks Special! 


Sid, Gus, Timmy, Sammy and Roger




Brownie (Sammmy), Gus (Larry), JoJo, Mindy, Timmy, Sid, Dots, Roger, Nina(K.C)






Mindy, K.C., Poka-Dots  All Reserved. ---(6 weeks)

Sid, Larry, Timmy, Sammy, Roger  All Reserved.




Pictures at 4.5 weeks

Mindy, K.C., Dots                               Roger, JoJo, Sid                              Larry, Timmy, Sammy


 They are all delicious chocolates, however, some individual traits are different.  We try to distinguish between them so that you can get a better idea of their personalities, energy levels, independence, interest in pleasing people, gentleness, confidence, curiosity and retrieving ability. 

When welcoming a puppy into your home we strongly encourage people not to base the choice on physical features alone!  We want to help you make the best matches based on information.  The health and beauty are in these lines for-sure...now we will start looking more individually.


 The puppies are in random order...only order is- Ladies first.

Pictures at 3.5 weeks

 Mindy is Reserved! 

She will be living in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Mindy is a people girl.  She will seek out another person or pup to be around.  If I sit about four feet from her and call her...she will come curl up in my lap.  She has kind eyes with a playful spirit.  The pups are all in the house with us and I often look to see this sweet little face looking up at me...yes, that is Mindy!    

The two puppies are a surprise for his children.    Welcome Home Day will be a day to forever remember!  I am so excited for all of them!  The children are going to be thrilled and Dad won't have to keep the surprise secret anymore!  Mindy and Timmy have wonderful days ahead with cuddles, tickles and walks.





K.C. is Reserved! 

She will be living in  East Central Minnesota.




K.C. is the smallest girl with a great big heart.  She is an independent gal.  She is calm and gentle.  K.C. has a blocky head and a nice dark coat and kind, intelligent eyes.

K.C. will be staying with us here at Welcome Home Labs.  We are so please with this litter and we believe that as these pups continue to develop that they will be perfect blends of Angel and Leaguer.  You can see K.C. grow over the years on our site.  I can only say that our children are thrilled that we are keeping her, but they wish we could keep ALL OF THESE GORGEOUS CHOCOLATES!







Poka-dots is Reserved! 

She will be living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


The children have birthdays in September.  They have been saying..."Mom, Dad, could we PLEEEASE get a puppy?"  They have been giving all the reasons that it IS a good time to Welcome a pup Home.  Well, little do they know that mom and dad were a step ahead of them.  Dad and Mom had already planned this special surprise before the children began asking.  These children are going to be  thrilled!  We are very excited about this match!

"We are excited to meet our newest member of the family."

Love, Your New Family





 Sid is Reserved! 

He will be living in Newport, Rhode Island.



He is a smaller boy in the bunch but he is DEFINITELY NOT overlooked!  He has a striking head with a curious and gentle way about him.  There is great interest in playing with toys and taking naps for Mr. Sid.  He is not a dominant boy but a fun-loving, smart boy!  


Sid has a loving family of four boys that he will be joining.  The boys are 11, 13, 15 and 17 years and they can't wait to welcome Sid.  Sid will also have a yellow male pup that he will be traveling with from Natalie X Stanley's litter.  These two pups are 11 days apart.  It will be fun to have two beautiful Labs to play and cuddle for these nice people.  Soon the pups will be in the arms of their forever family!  Congratulations on your growing family!    







Roger is Reserved!

He will be living in New York.

 He also has a few white hairs on his chest which is believed by some to indicate a strong English line, a nice double coat and a wide chest when they grow up.  It is common and completely acceptable for chocolates to have a small white patch on the chest, groin area and between their toes.  It also makes them unique.  I think this came from the sire on Leaguer's side.  It is kind of fun to see it come forth. 

Roger is our most independent and content boy.  He wants his people time for certain but he will cuddle up in a cozy spot and enjoy a few moments to himself.  He is observant to his surroundings and seems quite intelligent...I think he will be easy to train.  He is a divine, handsome, chocolate boy!



Timmy is Reserved!  

He will be living in Knoxville, Tennessee.


He is beautiful, magnetic and sweet.  

He, too, has the white spot on his chest.  He has the largest spot and also has white near his groin area.   Again, this is thought to indicate a strong English line, nice double coat and a wide chest in adulthood. 

He explores new objects willingly and with confidence.  He seems that he would do well in an active family or a family with other pets.  He is sweet, responsive and submissive and ready to pour out love.

Timmy and Mindy will be living together with their new best friends pictured below.  These pups are a surprise and what a special surprise they will be!  I wish I could see the faces of the children when they all meet!  These pups are going to receive loads of love and cuddles!


 JoJo is Reserved!

He will be living in California.

He will be the BEST companion!  He is socialized daily with our children.  He is the favorite pup of two of our children.  They can't wait to cuddle and play with JoJo.  He is patient, content and has a kind twinkle in his eyes.  He seems like he wants to please his people.  

You can see that he has the mark of a good English boy with a few white hairs on his chest.

He is our little guy with much character.  He is playful with the other pups and he LOVES to cuddle up on a lap or in your arms for an afternoon nap.  He has won our hearts for sure and brings great joy with his gentle ways. 




Sammy is Reserved!  

He will be living in Kearny, New Jersey.


He has a strong blocky head.  He doesn't let his looks go to his head though...he is mild mannered and not-dominant with pups or people.  He will follow a toy around the living-room floor enjoying a new challenge and bit of fun and excitement.  He is a great boy!

Sammy is going to be so excited when he meets his new family!  He has a big brother dog named Pantufas.  These boys are going to have so much fun together.  They will daily be going on walks exploring new sights and smells.  Pantufus, Sammy, Mom and Dad all have special days ahead.  I know they are all going to bring so much love to one another!  Once you have one chocolate Lab...two look even better!  Congratulations on your newest addition!!!    

"This puppy found a loving home, waiting for him with arms wide open, Marta (mommy), Felipe (daddy), and Pantufas (brother) can't wait to have him home."

Love, Your New Family





Larry is Reserved! 

He will be living in Larchmont, New York.

We were so happy to receive a visit from Larry's new owner.  She came across the country to pick her special guy.  Larry will be living in a loving home with his newest dog brother,  four year old Moose, and his human big sister, brother and Mom and Dad.  This family has had three chocolate Labs over the last 20 years from this same healthy bloodline and now they are welcoming Larry.  Larry will be bringing loads of love and laughs to his new family.  Congrats!"We are all very excited to be getting a new lab puppy, especially since he is descended from the Fonz of Majyk Hill and Legacy's Major Mandigo, the champions that are in our other dogs' pedigrees.  They have all been wonderful pets so I know that our new puppy will be, too." 

Love, Your New Family






 Almost 3 weeks

One reason I love taking pictures of these gorgeous pups is;

I love to pause and see the changes that occur in a matter of days.


Here are a few from this fabulous Angel X Leaguer litter.  We were able to say "Hello" this week. 

Their eyes opened!



Our children have so much fun naming the pups!  You never know what we will get.  We like to call the pups by name. 

When a pup is reserved and chosen, the adoptive family can absolutely change the name...

until then...



The beautiful girls at two weeks...Mindy, Poka-dots, K.C.

All are reserved


The handsome line-up of chocolates...Larry, Sid, Timmy, Sammy, JoJo and Roger.

                         Angel and Leaguer-Girl                                                           Angel and Leaguer-Boy


 They have arrived!

See the Welcoming Day Story Below


Angel had a C-section.  She lost fluids on Tuesday evening but didn't show signs of hard labor.  We decided to bring her to our vet on Wednesday to examine her more closely and for him to give his opinion.  We discussed options and we believed a c-section would be the safest option for Angel and her pups.  It was really intense as the pups came one after another and we removed the sacks, cut cords and began rubbing the pups down until we heard squeaks.  I was once again reminded of the preciousness of life as I cheered on each pup to start squeaking and breathing.  We didn't know for quite some time how many pups there were or if we had just welcomed girls or boys- breathing was the only thing we had on our minds.  We worked at cleaning them up and keeping them warm.  As things calmed, we had a moment to sit back and assess, we felt so proud of Angel and enjoyed the sounds of this lovely dark chocolate litter of ten.  It was cold in the surgery room and it was a Minnesota HOT day outside, so, when Angel was up to walking we brought the pups out in the sun to nurse for the first time.  The sun warmed their backs and Angel was able to say hello.

Outside the Vet Clinic Nursing for the First Time in the Sun

 Thank you to EVERYONE at Small Town Veterinary Practice in Webster, Wisconsin for your top-notch care!  You are a fine team and you do superb work!


Angel is now at home, moving around nicely, she has an appetite and she is mothering like a champ! 

She is definitely in her element...SHE LOVES HER PUPS AND IS AN AWESOME MOMMA!


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